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Floor Conveyor Systems

Hills Electrical Group offer state-of-the-art floor conveyor systems designed to optimise space, automate operations and bolster productivity.

Anchored to the ground, floor conveyors connect disparate systems within material handling lines. As a result, goods travel across the facility at a pace that transforms an operation’s efficiency and output rates.

At Hills Electrical, we understand that different production and warehouse environments have varying requirements. That’s why our expert team take the time to create custom-built solutions, matching your facility with the ideal conveyor.

In doing this, we can help your business achieve excellent productivity gains and automate operations with ease.

What is a floor conveyor?

A floor conveyor system is mounted to the floor, carrying goods of all weights and dimensions across production lines and speeding up operations. Manual, automatic or robotic, there’s no such thing as a “typical” floor conveyor. Designs vary to meet specific needs, providing lots of differing benefits.

For example, many floor conveyors use belts, while others use chains and comprise of rollers. Then, there are those that incline, escalate and bend. Yet, one consistent characteristic is its low profile. A floor conveyor system helps to avoid above-ground obstacles and is ideal for buildings with low ceilings.

So, whether you need to seamlessly move bulk materials around or carefully carry precious products from a to b, your company can make use of every spare square inch of smaller warehouse facilities.

A great example is the paint finishing line recently installed by Triumph Motorcycles.

Types of floor conveyors

At Hills Electrical Group, floor conveyor systems are our bread and butter. We’ve installed everything from simple manual models to state-of-the-art robotic solutions. Matching the right business to the right system starts with a thorough examination of the workplace. Only then will we advise pressing ahead with one of the following types of floor conveyors.

Floor Roller Conveyor

Using rotating cylinders to push products along, this energy-efficient conveyor is easy to implement, maintain and build upon. While some may motorise the cylinders, many are often set at a slight decline, allowing gravity to do the work. Of course, such features aren’t ideal for transporting dainty, lightweight objects, but these conveyors are great for transporting sturdy packages.

Slat Conveyors

Plastic or steel slats, connected with a hinge, provide the perfect surface for a conveyor line that twists and turns. With such a capability, these solutions are frequently tasked with transporting bottles, glasses and jars, while side guides keep the fragile cargo in place.

In-floor Towline Conveyor

A chain, which sits low to the ground, pulls carts along a track with brute strength. Such a conveyor is the ideal solution for moving heavy loads across warehouses, manufacturing plants and finishing lines, with very little in the way of noise, jerking or jolting.

Mezzanine Floor Conveyor

This is a traditional, belted solution with a twist. Set at an incline, it connects ground-level systems with overhead solutions. In doing so, it becomes the ultimate space saver. Also, the conveyor function means that operations can run continuously, making it the preferential solution for many over a conventional escalator.

Walking Floor Conveyor

Frequently found within waste and recycling plants, slats are placed against the bottom of the floor, which transport the load through a major ecosystem. Such a process begins with trucks emptying their cargo into bunkers. These channel onto the moving conveyor, which can carry extremely high loads.

The biggest benefits of floor conveyors

Optimising floor space
Carrying heavy-duty loads
Automating human operations
Eliminating staff risks and injuries
Saving training costs, as fewer skills are needed
Achieving new production standards

Dream of achieving each of these outcomes?

Over the past decade, our experienced team has been designing bespoke floor conveyor systems and routinely achieving every one of these results.

From in-floor conveyors to mezzanine conveyors, we have the ideal solution for your needs. To kickstart your journey, simply get in touch, and our specialists will be happy to share their expert, impartial advice.

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