Project Description

At Hills Electrical Group, we are experts in designing and implementing bespoke conveyor solutions that streamline complex processes.

In recent years, we’ve also installed several robotic painting and coating systems that enable businesses to optimise output on their production lines.

Due to our deep knowledge and experience in both areas, we were the prime candidate to install a full paint plant and floor conveyor for an ambitious new client.

The goal of this project – which required two Mirror image paint finishing & conveyor lines – was to automate intricate processes, maximise productivity and best utilise the available space.

Meeting these aims was not without its challenges. For many, the sheer size of implementing 250 metres of floor conveyor, as well as fitting and wiring 212 sensors, would be daunting.

Nevertheless, working with our trusted partners, we properly assessed the existing working environment and developed a state of the art, installation.

Taking five months to complete, our slick Paint line & conveyor system automates a ten-step process that is revolutionising how the end user works.

Our client’s cutting-edge conveyor journey consisted of the following steps:

With new-age automation at every point, repetitive, manual movements will be cut out of the production line – paving the way for efficiency to skyrocket.

The conveyor system will also help to limit human error and give employees extra time to focus on more mentally stimulating tasks.

The extent of our work, however, stretched beyond our exciting conveyor system, as we were trusted to implement other innovations within the new paint plant.

Combining our top-level knowledge with extensive initial planning, we installed premium free issue control panels, fitted an offline spray booth and installed a standalone paint mix room. For the latter, we worked creatively to construct a controlled environment that keeps out contaminants and resourcefully to best utilise the available space.

Through our careful design and expert implementation, the paint plant has become a real source of pride for our client, who is experiencing great productivity gains.

Still, these wonderful results don’t signal the end of our trailblazing work. Our client knows that we will always be there for ongoing support.

After all, our determination to foster successful, long-lasting relationships with our clients – as well as our experience, expertise and range of services – is a major factor in our ongoing success.

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A Full Paint Plant and Conveyor Systems

Project cost 2.2 Million

What Our Team Provided

A full paint plant
Two Mirror image paint finishing & conveyor lines
Complete system programming
Premium control panels
A standalone spray booth
An offline spray-booth
Project management and ongoing support