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Screw Conveyor System

At Hills Electrical Group, we design and install bespoke screw conveyors to revolutionise material handling environments and streamline processes.

First used in ancient Egypt to lift water from the Nile, screw conveyor systems remain a stalwart of warehouse automation. Across many industries, screw conveyors are designed in all shapes and sizes to meet many different needs and transport numerous types of materials.

With a tailor-made solution and a custom-built hanger bearing for screw conveyors, facilities are often amazed by the efficiency gains they make. We design and install the best screw conveyor systems to help you meet ever-evolving demands and achieve better results.

What is a screw conveyor?

A screw conveyor consists of a rotating screw within a tube. As the screw spins, it carries materials through the tube from one specified location to another.

Also referred to as a “screw conveyer auger” or a “screw auger”, the system can transport anything from water to waste, powders to grain.

With such versatility, industrial-size and small screw conveyor solutions are commonly used within bulk handling industries, especially in agriculture.

Whether it’s transporting food waste or animal grain, out in the open country air or inside a snug factory, those within this sector are well aware of the many benefits of screw conveyor systems.

Arguably, the biggest of those benefits is that they can work on any incline, hindered by no horizontal or vertical boundary. With a bespoke screw conveyor solution, anything is possible.

What are the different types of screw conveyors?

As one of the UK’s most prestigious conveyor manufacturers, we have great experience working with 4 types of screw conveyors. While there are other iterations in terms of design, the following conveyors form the basis of every turnkey solution we develop for our clients.

Horizontal screw conveyor

Simple and easy to use, this type of screw conveyor is a cost-effective, energy-efficient solution that moves materials along a level surface up high or via the ground.

Vertical screw conveyor

These screw conveyors can fit into the layout of almost any plant or warehouse, potentially joining overhead systems with those on ground level.

Incline screw conveyor

Such a system can carry resources from one level to another, connecting solutions across different levels and maximising space. All you need is some screw conveyor hanger bearings and the warehouse is your oyster.

Shaftless screw conveyor

A shaftless screw conveyor has no central shaft. Instead, it uses a spiralling metal coil to move material. This mechanism help increase efficiency, cuts cost and saves energy, as the screw can rotate at a slower speed while achieving the same output. These types of screw conveyors can also be positioned horizontally, vertically or on an incline.
Spiral screw conveyor - Hills Electrical Group

Whats the difference between a screw conveyor and spiral conveyor?

Read our blog post to find out more

Screw conveyor advantages

Carries liquid and granular materials
Energy-efficient and cost-effective
Maximises space
Easy maintenance
Variable speed settings
Excellent design flexibility

Interested in purchasing a custom-built screw conveyor system for your facility?

Then speak to Hills Electrical Group. As a leading screw conveyor UK specialist, we design energy-efficient solutions that maximise productivity, enabling you to cut costs along the way. Simply get in touch, and we’ll be happy to answer any of your queries regarding screw conveyors & material handling systems.

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