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Conveyor Systems

A conveyor system is a key part of warehouse automation, helping the material handling industry streamline processes and improve an excellent service to customers.

With order pickers spending around half of their time travelling from one item to the next, paired with the growing demands of customers and clients, a conveyor system is the ultimate material handling system.

An automated conveyor system can reduce the need for manual movements and speed up each stage of the production line. This means you can limit the amount of lifting, allowing you to protect the wellbeing of your employees and stunt the need to increase your headcount in order to keep up with fulfilment expectations.

With the right planning, we can install incline and decline conveyors, overhead conveyors, floor-mounted conveyors or spiral conveyor systems designed to help you utilise every inch of your factory too. Your employees will be able to move around more fluently and benefit from innovative technology.

Once we’ve installed your bespoke conveyor system, our work doesn’t stop there. We’ll always be on hand to provide support and carry out any maintenance work, including fitting authentic conveyor parts. It’s a part of our ongoing commitment to providing a reliable and quality service to our customers.

Features & Benefits

Complete turnkey solution
Quality, bespoke conveyor systems
Maximise productivity
Automate processes and minimise headcount requirements
Utilise the space you have available
Ongoing support to keep your business moving

Whether you’re looking for industrial handling equipment or industrial processing equipment to improve your productivity, our conveyors are an investment worth making.

To learn more about our conveyor systems and industrial equipment handling solutions, get in touch today.

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Conveyor Systems - Hills Electrical Group

Process 1

We assess the working environment and recommend the best conveyor system to process equipment efficiently.

Conveyor Systems - Hills Electrical Group

Process 2

Our team will design, manufacture and install the conveyor system at a time that suits you to minimise downtime and interruptions to productivity.

Conveyor Systems - Hills Electrical Group

Process 3

We’ll be on hand to carry out any maintenance jobs, fit conveyor parts and support you whenever you need it.