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Warehouse Automation

Step into the future: warehouse automation solutions designed to help you optimise storage space and simplify the preparation of goods.

With increasing customer demands, warehouse efficiency is of paramount importance. It only takes one delay on the production line to put the whole logistics process out of sync. The implementation of warehouse automation is the perfect way to increase production speed and accuracy, while reducing operational costs.

However, knowing which solution represents the best return on investment is a major challenge. From complex robotics with sortation capabilities to simple conveyor systems to transport goods, warehouse automation comes in a variety of different forms, each with their own benefits.

Is warehouse automation right for you? - Hills Electrical Group

Is Warehouse Automation right for you?

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At Hills Electrical, we can take the stress out of the transition and provide a complete turnkey solution tailored to your needs. By combining our experience with the latest automation and control technology, we’re able to revolutionise your whole logistics process from top to bottom.

A major part of building an automated warehouse is the discovery and scope stage. Before conducting any work, we’ll define or review your supply chain strategy to ensure it’s aligned to your business strategy and goals. By analysing the bigger picture, we’re able to pinpoint the ideal solution to maximise efficiency and drive costs down.

The types of warehouse automation solutions we offer include:

Order picking and packing robotics
Speed sortation robotics
Control products
ASI bus systems
Drive products

As a part of our warehouse automation services, we can also integrate our solutions with your current systems and work out of hours for a completely seamless experience. This minimises downtime and keeps your warehouse operational during the transition.

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