Project Description

Over the past few years, we’ve installed Robotic Paint Systems at several companies who wanted to increase productivity and create the highest quality products.

Since robotics was first introduced in 1962 in the automotive industry, the technology has significantly evolved. Now, warehouses and factories can program them to perform tasks and leave them to complete them autonomously. One of these tasks includes painting.

At Hills Electrical, we’ve worked with principal manufacturers to install robotic paint systems and provide full integration with a client’s new or existing automation line.

Our robotic paint systems provide wet paint, powder and flocking applications for a complete finishing solution. They use sensors and actuators to interact with the physical world and can be programmed to apply a certain type of coating to suit our clients’ specific thickness and finishing requirements.

On every project, our expert team would handle every aspect of the installation. From liaising with clients to understanding and managing their needs to developing a strategy that minimised any disruptions to productivity rates.

We also supplied install commission and programme services, as well as providing offline programming, when applicable. By doing this, it enabled our clients to hit the ground running and seamlessly continue manufacturing.

Robotic painting and coating systems have allowed our clients to improve the safety of employees in hazardous environments, while increasing system uptime and maximising product completion speeds.

The innovative design of our robotic painting systems means the production line also delivers consistent paint application. It’s able to go far down into hard to reach areas where humans can’t and still continue to use the optimum amount of paint to reduce material waste.

While paint automation may feel like a large investment to some, the quality of work and efficiency it has helped our clients achieve has proved a worthy return on investment.

As the technology continues to develop over the coming years, we’ll be on hand to help our clients keep their robotic paint systems running smoothly.

If you want to find out more about our robotic painting systems or other robotic solutions, please give us a call on 01384 671660 or fill out our online form today.  

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What Our Team Provided

Robotic paint system installation
Complete system programming to integrate with a client’s new or current automation line
Project management and ongoing support