Project Description

As a part of a brand new, top-secret innovative service, the motorcycle manufacturer required full discretion from our team at Hills Electrical Group.

In a bid to invest in the future of new technologies, they wanted us to work on their mains distribution installation and small power in their new Centre of Excellence facilities.

The idea was to make the facility more energy-efficient and to help streamline processes ready for when the new service is rolled out to the public.

Sticking to a tight deadline and under strict guidelines, our team of highly experienced electricians worked tirelessly to ensure we didn’t cause any delays in their production line.

This included the installation of 2 x No. 400amp supplies and panel boards, 2 x No. 250amp supplies and distribution boards, plus the distribution equipment.

The latter now successfully supplies all of the new machines running down either side of the Centre of Excellence.

To make future expansions and the use of the layout more manageable, we also installed 100 metres of cable tray. What’s more, our cable pulling team completed the job of pulling the 185mm 4core armoured cables out of hours to avoid any disruptions to the motorcycle manufacturer’s production line.

We look forward to seeing how our work on the mains distribution and small power project positively impacts the running of the industry-leading Centre of Excellence in the near future.

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What Our Team Provided

Mains distribution installation
Extensive layout planning to optimise future factory productivity and management
Out of hours working to maintain reduce disturbances to the production line