Project Description

Automation is now the cornerstone of warehouse efficiency. Control systems have played a huge part in this revolution and they are only getting better.

At Hills Electrical Group, we’ve designed, produced and installed many innovative solutions. These include incline and decline, floor-mounted and overhead conveyor systems.

For this particular project, Shelbourne Engineering needed to create a full control system that could automate multiple processes within the Agricultural sector.

Our first step was to assess the existing environment, gaining a critical understanding of which solution would work best. From this initial assessment, it was clear that our greatest challenge would be in installing a complex system that met the ambitious specification within such a compact space.

However, the challenge didn’t deter us. We worked tirelessly to install the Electrical control system for the overhead conveyor solution that would fully utilise the capacity of the facility.

Unlimited by horizontal or vertical boundaries, our customers tailor-made 10T overhead conveyor solution easily evades obstacles, opening up new opportunities to maximise space.

Being efficient, safe and reliable, the system has also greatly helped improve productivity, eliminate human error concerns and lower operating costs.

While our customers innovative decision to embed turntables into the bespoke solution has given the end user further opportunities to streamline the production line.

Our installation solution contains a series of remote panels which enable the operator to manually control the turntables and direct the route of travel. This brilliant design was a critical part of automating multiple processes within the same system.

These multiple processes include a prep stage, powder booth and an oven, all of which have their own designated route incorporated into one futuristic system.

We also provided our forward-thinking client with a control system for the lowering hoist system to limit the need for heavy lifting. As a result, fewer workers are required to move products and carry heavy loads. This reduces potential product breaks and damages while safeguarding wellbeing.

One fear that many companies have when implementing an overhead system is to assume that a solution so high-up would be difficult to repair.

Fortunately for our client, they will face no such concerns. As a progressive company, we’re always on hand to perform maintenance work and provide extra support whenever it’s needed.

The long-term relationships that we build with our clients differentiate us, alongside our industry-leading expertise and deep experience in implementing innovative, bespoke solutions like this.

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What Our Team Provided

A material handling 10T overhead control system installation
Testing and full installation
State-of-the-art turntable control
Installation of High-quality, remote control panels
Project management and ongoing support