Is warehouse automation right for you?

Sceptical about investing in warehouse automation? In this blog, we ask the all-important questions to help you arrive at a definitive answer. Warehouse automation is everywhere these days. Whether it’s through conveyor, robotics or control systems, automation is shaping the way e-commerce and third-party logistics companies operate on a day-to-day basis. In fact, according to a study by Interact Analysis,

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How to reduce up to 40% of time wasted in your warehouse

As competition intensifies following the COVID-19 pandemic, we explore how e-commerce and logistic companies can speed up their warehouse operations by tackling this one simple factor. For most e-commerce and logistic companies, the pandemic has delivered a surge in activity and sales. As a result, it’s placed a spotlight on warehouse operations and efficiency. It only takes one poor experience

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Why remote PLC programming maintenance is the key to efficiency

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programming controls might be automating processes for industrial and commercial businesses, but that doesn’t make them impervious to malfunctions. Learn why opting for remote maintenance is the smartest decision you’ll make for business operations this year. With the emergence of industrial IoT (internet of things) and the development of PLCs, leveraging technology is becoming an integral

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The danger of not conducting a controls and electrical system audit

Are you walking the tightrope? Don’t leave it to chance – taken from our full controls and electrical system audit, here are some basic checks you should be frequently conducting in your business. Whether your business has been on shut down for a while or it’s been a while since an electrician has conducted the necessary checks, now is the

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Robotics vs automation – what’s the difference?

Robotics and automation plan an essential role in streamlining warehouse and factory operations, but what’s the difference? Automation and robotics are often banded together, so why isn’t it just one or the other? Is there a distinct difference between the two? In this article, we shed some light on these two terms to help you decipher which one your warehouse

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4 reasons conveyor systems are key to warehouse automation

Want to accelerate business growth and provide an excellent service to your customers? Discover why warehouse automation is important and how conveyor systems can help you achieve these goals.  One of the biggest challenges to any company who distributes goods lies in the warehouse. Once a customer or client places an order, there are a number of variables that can

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What is Mains Distribution?

At Hills Electrical, we provide first-class mains distribution installation. However, if you’re new to the concept and/or unsure of its many benefits, we suggest you read this guide. Before delving into the benefits of mains distribution, let’s explore what it is. In layman’s terms, our mains distribution services involve the installation and replacement of single-phase and three-phase distribution boards, which

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What Are the Consequences of Not Having an EICR?

Learn about the importance of an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) and the price you could pay if you don’t get an experienced qualified electrician in to carry out the test. Whether it’s your business, rented property or home, all electrical installations should always be covered by a valid EICR. However, as it’s not a legal requirement to have one

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5 ways to find the best commercial lighting contractors

Wondering where to buy commercial lighting? Whether you like the sound of energy-efficient lighting systems or just need a hand repairing your office and emergency lighting, hiring an experienced electrical contractor is a bright move. Whether something has gone wrong with the current system or a new system is required, at some stage, every business will need to call upon

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